RationalPlan in the Race for the 2012 Project Management Election

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We are pleased to announce that RationalPlan has been nominated for Capterra’s Project Management Election 2012 as being one of the 55 contending project management software providers. These 55 nominees were chosen from a few hundreds of software solutions.

Providers are split into two:

  • The Traditionalists – those who identified a Traditional/Phased-Approach as the methodology that best fits their software
  • The Contemporaries – those who identified Agile or another methodology as the best fit (as well as those who indicated their solution is tailored to multiple methodologies)

The election will start on October 9th and will have four rounds, each round for a duration of one week. The candidate pool will be narrowed down at the end of each one-week voting “round” based on which candidates have the most votes. Project managers can vote their preferred project management solution just once every day. The election will end on November 6th when the winner will be announced.

So give us a helping hand and vote RationalPlan as your preferred project management software. Voting is easy and fast and does not require anything from you except two mouse clicks: one for selecting RationalPlan in the The Traditionalists red column and the second one at the bottom of the page to Submit your vote:

RationalPlan Project Management Software on the 2012 Project Management Election

Thank you and do not forget to vote RationalPlan for the Project Management Election 2012 every day!

Is RationalPlan Supported On Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

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In the recently released Mac OS X Mountain Lion the Gatekeeper was introduced that by default does not allow users to run applications downloaded outside of the App Store. In this situation are also the RationalPlan users that are downloading our products directly from our website.

So if you find yourself a Mountain Lion user and when trying to install RationalPlan you get an error like this one:

RationalPlan on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

you can solve it by going to Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab and under the header “Allow applications downloaded from:” check the Anywhere box. This will allow you to install RationalPlan. However after the install is complete you might want to set it back to Mac App Store and identified developers. (more…)

JasperReports and iReports tutorial for JAVA using subreports with different datasources

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Here at RationalPlan we are working on a way to generate reports. We chose JasperReports for Java and iReports as the graphical interface for a visual creation of the report layout. It is a daunting task because there are no tutorials which describe in detail how to create a master report with many subreports each  with their different datasource and if you want to read the documentation you have to pay for it. After accomplishing what we proposed we thought that is a good idea to share our knowledge and experience.

1. Creating the main report layout

First let’s start by opening iReport and creating the main report as shown in the figure (in this tutorial there were used the latest versions of  iReport(3.7.6) and JasperReports(3.7.6)).

main report layout

If you don’t know how to make the main report to look like this search about iReports tutorial on different search engines or post here and we shall try to help you as much as we can. After finishing it press the “Preview” button and if there are no errors in the iReport console then you can compile your report by clicking “Compile report” icon. A new file with the .jasper extension will be created in the same folder as the .jrxml file.

2. Creating the main report custom datasource

After successfully completing the first step you must create the custom datasource in your java application. (more…)