Frequently Asked Questions about RationalPlan Project Management Software

This document contain the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions from users…
Yes, RationalPlan works just fine on Mac OS X. However in Mac OS X Mountain Lion the Gatekeeper was introduced that by default does not allow users to run applications that were downloaded outside of the App Store. Although RationalPlan is signed with a valid App Store certificate the Gatekeeper does not recognize the signature for .jnlp files like the one it is running when starting the Planner+.
To overcome this problem users need to go to Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab and under the header “Allow applications downloaded from:” check the Anywhere box.
With RationalPlan Multi you can have all your company projects and resources in one place. Not just that you can create dependencies between tasks from different projects but more important, you can share resources hence you will be able to track a resource’s overallocation state over multiple projects. The Project Portfolio view will help to get an overview of all your projects.
Using RationalPlan Server you will have a common repository for all your projects, concurrent access from multiple users and a versioning system for tracking the changes to the projects.
Create a role where he can only see the projects he is interested in. Then, after creating a user having such a role, declare the projects he is interested in and he will be able to only see those projects. The same procedure can be used for other types of restrictions like the possibility to only update the projects a user is interested in. More details can be found in the RationalPlan Server tutorial.
The Project Viewer is freely distributed for everyone to see the content of a project in the most flexible manner and not just as printed reports. It can be very useful especially for resources and stakeholders. A powerful feature is that it can import Microsoft Project files which makes it a free viewer for Microsoft Project too.
RationalPlan offers distributions that were fully tested for all Windows platforms, for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and Linux. For all other platforms we deliver a binary .zip distribution but we are open to any package distribution request.
If after trialing our Single Project or Multi Project products you have decided that RationalPlan is what you need all you have to do is to purchase a license. You will then receive a license key file that you can use at start-up of the application to unlock it.
NOTE: The license key file itself unlocks the application and not its content so don’t try to open the file and read it.
Please use /S for silent installation and /D=dir to specify the “output directory”, which is where the program will be installed. These options are case-sensitive, so be sure to type them in upper case.
For this you need to use our .msi installer using a command line like this:
RationalPlanM-4.3.msi LICENSE=”C:/Users/Tibi/Desktop/key.out2″
Where key.out2 is the license file that you obtained after purchase.
Sure, simply put your .srp or .mrp file on a shared network so all interested people can see it. Once a user will open it with Single or Multi version, the file will be locked during the working session to prevent file’s corruption. That means another user won’t be able to open the file unless is using RationalPlan Viewer.
Our suite of project management software is designed to reach various needs from managing independent projects for individuals or small firms with our RationalPlan Single, to managing multiple related projects with shared resources for medium companies with RationalPlan Multi.