RationalPlan Project Management Software – 2014 Brazil World Cup Promotion

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil discount for RationalPlan project management software
Stand By Soft is delighted to offer users a special discount for the duration of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ for its RationalPlan suite.

All that needs to be done is to use the coupon code BRAZIL-WORLD-CUP when placing an order. By using this coupon code users will have a 20% discount for any of the RationalPlan products except the Cloud solution.

However all new users that purchase RationalPlan Cloud service will be given one free month hosting. For this just mention the coupon code within the Comments section when filling the usage notification form.

RationalPlan is a project management suite that started as a desktop application designed to run on all major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac OS X – but it evolved into an embedded management system that is now available even as a cloud service both for individuals and for companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

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Why Project Team Composition Changes Affect Performance

Team PerformanceWhen a member leaves the project or is added mid-project to the team, that team’s composition changes. Consequently, the team performance increases or decreases. If the team performs worse after the change, the project manager must find a solution. The first step is understanding why changing team composition affects performance.

Sometimes, the team performs worse because the new team members are not skilled or experienced enough. But when they are, the team should perform better; however, that does not always happen. Even adding experienced and skilled members can decrease team performance, at least initially.

Team Development Stages

Team underperformance is likely to be caused by a mix of factors, unique to each team. One of the main causes is the alteration of group dynamics after a member enters or leaves the team. A modified team acts as a newly formed team. To understand group dynamics, Bruce Tuckman (1965) proposed four stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, and performing.

  • Forming – Individuals start to form the group; individuals avoid conflicts because they want to gain group acceptance.
  • Storming – Individuals start competing, and conflicts arise because individuals define their roles and establish the group’s hierarchy.
  • Norming – The group is focused on problem solving and respecting procedures; individuals trust each other.
  • Performing – The group performs well as a team. (Not all teams reach this stage.)


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