RationalPlan 5.2 – Additional Columns for Tasks and Multiple Cost Rates for Resources

RationalPlan 5.2

RationalPlan 5.2 comes with new features for the web-based interface and an increased speed for computing the critical path. Many columns were added to the Gantt and Timesheet views: project code, task slack and related Earned Value Management data, working calendar, predecessors and successors. Also different cost rates can now be set for resources.

RationalPlan is a project management software suite that is available either as stand alone products or as a project management cloud service. It is used by individuals and by companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

Changes for the current version

  • Improved the speed of critical path algorithm
  • Added Project Code column for Gantt and Timesheet for both desktop and web interface
  • Added slack and EVM related columns to web interface
  • Added Calendar column to web interface
  • Added Predecessors and Successors columns to web interface
  • Added Notes tab for resources to web interface
  • Added resource rates to web interface
  • Mouse precision on charts for HDPI monitors
  • Bug fix: Do not allow a user to see the costs if it does not have the “See resource costs” right
  • Bug fixes for Hungarian and French translation