What users have to say about our products

This is the first time I’ve participated in a forum associated with a software package where I’ve actually seen the implementation of topics and functions I’ve requested. It is refreshing and much appreciated to have a voice. You are doing excellent work and hit my request perfectly. Thank you and keep up the good work!
I carefully evaluated over 30 products before deciding on RationalPlan. The product’s ability to view and manage multiple projects, its straight forward method of setting up tasks, and the ease-of-use in adjusting and making changes to new or existing projects were just a few of the decision points for me. This is a product that can certainly help your business!
Michael Hillerbrand, First Madison LLC, President
I investigated and downloaded demos for various products (always multi-project environments), both open source and paid licensed products, and we chose RationalPlan based on simplicity and ease of use, the fact that it fulfilled our needs as a tool, and benefits/cost relationship… As a project manager, I am very happy with your product and would recommend it to anyone!
RationalPlan Single is a full project planning and management tool that will provide you with every form and data tool that you will need to properly plan and manage independent projects… RationalPlan provides you with a great interface for productivity and easy navigation of its features and tools.
Solomon Arnett, Rocky Bytes, Editor
Project Management has always a balancing act, sometimes taking a great deal of time to accurately schedule projects, manage resources etc… For years we have used MS Project for doing just this. That is until we found RationalPlan, and we haven’t looked back. This software is truly a hidden gem. It offers similar power to MS Project, with a simplified layout, client organizing, work breakdown, scheduling, Gantt charts etc. etc. It also supports import and export of MS Project files, so for those clients who use MS Project, transferring data back and forth is quite simple. In closing, RationalPlan allows us to plan and communicate with our clients very clearly and has far exceeded our expectations. We now use this software daily for multiple projects, and always have a clear view throughout. It does seems to take far less time to accurately set each up. We have begun to roll this out to our company and have not run into any issues regarding this transition. All in all I cannot say enough about this software and company. The support staff is extremely responsive and friendly. Thank You for a great product.
I would like to say thank you to the RationalPlan support team, you guys are awesome. I was working on a 24 million Dollar project for scheduling purposes; I was on a time crunch when my computer crashed, I lost everything including my scheduling program, I got in contact with RationalPlan support and poof running again. Thank you RationPlan support team, you guys ROCK.
I’ve used RationalPlan for a while and I must say it’s very promising. Thank you for this superb product.
Very good software, just enough and easy for our projects, we love it. Thank you for your great support.
It’s a refreshing change to use RationalPlan and not have to have all the burden of Microsoft Project, both its features and its cost. Keep up the good work!
Ciro Pinto-Coelho, Cruzeiro Associates, President
I have been using RationalPlan for a while now and I must say it is a great application. It has help me tremendously. I will be sure to recommend RationalPlan to many. It truly is a great program. Very productive!
We liked that the program contains serious project management tools but that it seems to be designed with novice users in mind… Overall, we think RationalPlan Multi Project is a great choice for project managers of any experience level. We recommend this program to all users.
CNET editor, CNET Downloads
I would say this program is a real find for me. Awesome value – thank you again!
We find it to be an excellent product! It has worked reliably and has all the features we need in a project planning tool. RationalPlan has hit that “sweet spot” of having just the right amount of features in a very easy to use GUI. We evaluated several products before discovering RationalPlan – none have worked as well. The cost is very reasonable and the product a very good value.
Steve Nies, Geenius
I can’t say enough good about the customer service I have received from you and others in your company. THANK YOU!!!
Tamara Ross, Kreg Tool
I started your program this morning and loaded in my first new project with very little frustration. This program seems to have everything I am looking for. Keep up the good work.
Marc Cimolino, EOSPACE
We are using your software intensively and exhaustively and we are still convinced that it is a very nice piece of software, so thank you for your fantastic work so far and stay tuned on it.
Jan Hoffmann, HTceramix
We would love to see you getting all the users you deserve. We had previously eliminated RP due to its “business PC look” and returned only after testing 10 other apps and seeing that none of them offered a complete package like you.
Bruno Lemgruber, Tabaruba Design
Although I have it for a while now, I recently started using it more heavily. So far I like it. It seems to have almost all the features I am looking for and it is intuitive (no need for manuals etc.) Well done!
Filip Weytjens, Flow
I have been testing your software and comparing it to other offerings. I am very impressed with the combination of features and ease of use.
Gregory Kalinin, Emergia, President
In terms of a comparison to MS Project, I think RationalPlan is superb and I actually recently recommended the application to one company that I work with because of its capabilities in that arena.
Michele McDonough, Bright Hub Editor
As to the application – it’s a perfect fit for me… I only need to use a project planner periodically, but when I need to use one it’s important. It has just enough power to put together a professional document. I like the fact that there is an interactive sidebar that gets me up to speed quickly… a really good application – especially at the price!.
I wish that some of the bigger companies had a touch as personal as you guys have. And a good value product as well. Regards and keep up the good work.
David Galloway, Ferart Design
RationalPlan it’s a good fit for what I want and it works very well and even has some nicer features than Microsoft Project. The online support is great – very responsive and quick to fix problems – a refreshing change from Microsoft!
Kevin Yallup, ACAMP, CTO
My teacher was presenting us a software that works like MS Project that runs on Mac OS X… RationalPlan. I have made a little research, but the best cost-benefits relation is RationalPlan.
Fernando Feldberg, Designer
I have tried your program, found that it is really easy to use and the price is right. I made a quick schedule and didn’t even have to go to the tutorial or help section – what a relief to find something for people who aren’t computer geeks. The more I use your program the more I like it. Wow, this is really a pleasure doing a schedule. FINALLY a program that works!
John Michael Cecil, USA
Je suis le Manager d’un petit bureau d’etude et de realisation basé en Côte d’Ivoire. Je suis très heureux d’utiliser votre logiciel. D’une interface claire, simple mais complet sans fioriture, il est vraiment pratique pour conduire un ensembnle de projets. RationalPlan est de loin meilleur à MS Projet surtout pour son prix. Tous mes encouragements et bonne continuation.
Roger Kouakou, ARC Tecnology, Manager
I did use MS Project in the past with several employers over the years… I need a good planning tool for work, did not want to pay high price of MS Project… The RationalPlan interface is superb and better than MS Project… I love your program! Just right for managing projects against a timeline. Nice and simple interface. Software developers need to take a lession for your group on that point! I am already using it on my first project. Thank you!!!
Paul Adams, USA - Ohio
I am impressed with your quick and extraordinarily competent reaction to my comments about the RationalPlan software. Together with its beautiful overall usability and simplicity compared to some other programs I have tried, this makes me feel that RationalPlan may indeed be just the tool I have been looking for. Thank you very much!
Marko Erdnuess, Certified translator
I have 32 years experience in the IT industry and have used everything from the DOS version of Timeline to MS Project and I must say, yours is absolutely the best I have ever used. Very intuitive (probably never that about a PM app) and the way you walk us through each step. Love the program and you have a new convert/evangelist!
Jake Wade, USA - Texas
I’ve been looking at our options to avoid the huge cost of MS Project, and have evaluated about 10 products this afternoon. It’s been pretty difficult to find an app which: (a) is still being actively developed, (b) imports .mpp files properly, (c) isn’t achingly slow and (d) can filter the Gantt by a single resource. RationalPlan seems to tick all the boxes, which is very cool indeed. Thanks!
Robin Deitch, Slide, Director
I looked at OpenProj, GanttProject, Open WorkBench and a few other comercial applications… The things that attract me to RationalPlan are the plain, lean interface and the lovely smooth scrolling and zooming.
You guys rock! You have set the customer service bar very high. Thanks again.
Frank Colon, USA - New Jersey
I read the reviews on your website about the level of support, must admit I took them with a pinch of salt. But got to say this is the best software support I have ever had!!!!
Dave Marsh, GMC-I PROSyS
I’m using your software since about one year and I can say it is really easy-to-use and fits almost all my needs (multi project). I’m in the business of management consulting and for that I’m introducing the software to some of my customers and most of the time they are also quite happy with RationalPlan. I tried a lot of different competing software and own some other project planning software like MS Project, A-Plan and others but I can say the building up of projects and to control the capacity and the ease-of-use is really much better with your software.
Franz Schindlecker, IFS-Unternehmensberatung
Looks very good. I renovate houses and need to watch progress closely. Your program is very powerful and intuitive. Learning curve was not steep at all.
So far I am really impressed by your product… I love your website and your very logical and concise tutorial and guidelines (within the program). Your application seems to be really well put together. I am Director of Engineering and Development in my company; I am using it to manage both the software development and business development projects of our start-up (and for personal projects). The very logical layout of your app, the fact that I can use it on Linux/Solaris/Unix and Windows is a huge plus (I tend to work 90% in Unix/Linux and sometimes in Windows) and finally, the excellent guidelines and tutorials in your application & website and the very quick & user-friendly print-preview swayed me into buying your product. Best regards and keep-up the good work.
Ashish Kalia, SoftPSwitch, Director of Engineering and Development
I have been playing with it and so far I like it. Much more intuitive that MS Project, which I have used at other companies.
Bill Gilbert, Analytic Focus
I recently downloaded Single and have found it to be a practical and well-design project interface. I’ve used MS Project, dotProject, JX Project, and MinuteMan, among others. RationalPlan is very usable and practical.
Eugene Bodrero, Dyacon
It’s a really good product, great value for money, and the only place (I know of) that you can get multi-project functionality in PC based software which paying a fortune. It is just really solid software that’ll do 95% of what you want for 20% of the price.
Andrew, Australia
This software was supposed to be succumbed to me 10 years ago, where I was strugling with Excel, while unable to pay for course on the most complex available ones… In terms of easy of project handling, presentation and logic of its desktop it is fantastic.
Joel Nkinga, Tanzania
I just ordered RationalPlan for Mac last week. Loving this so far. Seriously has helped me sleep, and that is a great thing.
Jordan, Freelancer