Program Definition Statement (“PDS”)

Program Director

Program Directorate

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (“PERT”)

Program Execution Phase

Program Executive

Program Identification Phase

Program Management

Program Management Office

Program Manager

Program Office

Program Plan

Program Planning

Program Status Date

Program Support Office (“PSO”)



Programmer Trainee




Progress Analysis

Progress Bar

Progress Date

Progress Draw

Progress Line

Progress Measurement

Progress Milestones

Progress Paymen

Progress Report

Progress Reporting

Progress Trend

Progressive Acquisition (“PA”)


Project Accountant

Project Accounting

Project Administration

Project Appraisal

Project Approval

Project Assurance Team (“PAT”)

Project Base Date

Project Board

Project Board Executive

Project Boundary

Project Breakdown Structure

Project Brief

Project Budget

Project Business Management

Project Calendar

Project Cancellation

Project Champion

Project Change

Project Change Control Board

Project Charter

Project Closeout

Project Closeout and Startup Costs

Project Closure

Project Code

Project Communications Management

Project Communications Plan

Project Completion

Project Complexity

Project Concept Documentation

Project Configuration Control Board

Project Context

Project Control

Project Control Cycle

Project Coordination

Project Co-ordination Procedure

Project Cost

Project Cost Accounting System

Project Cost Changes

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Systems

Project Cost Target

Project Culture

Project Data Document (“PDD”)

Project Data Gaps

Project Data Review

Project Data Verification

Project Definition

Project Developer

Project Development Life Cycle (“PDLC”)

Project Direct Cost Contingency

Project Director

Project Directory

Project Documentation

Project Duration

Project Engineer

Project Environment

Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation Review

Project Execution Plan

Project Expenditure

Project File

Project Financing

Project Finish Date/Schedule

Project Follow Up

Project Goal

Project Goods

Project Group

Project Hand Over

Project Implementation Plan

Project Information Sources

Project Initiation

Project Initiation Document

Project Initiation Review

Project Initiator

Project Integration

Project Investment Cost

Project Issues Report

Project Launch

Project Leader

Project Leadership

Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle Cost

Project Life Cycle, Phases and Stages

Project Life Span (“PLS”)

Project Location

Project Log

Project Logic

Project Logic Drawing

Project Maker

Project Management (“PM”)

Project Management

Project Management Body of Knowledge (“PMBoK”)

Project Management Competence

Project Management Elements

Project Management Information System

Project Management Integration

Project Management Manual

Project Management Office (“PMO”)

Project Management Plan

Project Management Process

Project Management Professional (“PMPƂ”)

Project Management Software

Project Management Team

Project Manager (“PM”)

Project Manual

Project Matrix

Project Milestone

Project Mission Statement

Project Monitoring

Project Network Diagram

Project Network Techniques

Project Objective

Project Objectives

Project Office

Project Organization

Project Oriented

Project Output

Project Performance

Project Personnel

Project Phase

Project Plan

Project Plan Development

Project Plan Execution

Project Planning

Project Policies

Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Plan

Project Pre-Selection Meetings

Project Priorities

Project Priority Class

Project Problem

Project Procedures

Project Procedures Manual

Project Processes

Project Procurement Management

Project Procurement Strategy

Project Products List (“PPL”)

Project Products List Fact Sheets

Project Progress Report

Project Quality Management

Project Records Management

Project Reporting

Project Resource Plan

Project Responsibility

Project Review

Project Review Calendar

Project Risk

Project Risk Analysis

Project Risk Characterization

Project Risk Management

Project Risks

Project Schedule

Project Schedules

Project Scope

Project Scope Management

Project Segments

Project Services

Project Sponsor

Project Stage

Project Stakeholder

Project Stakeholders

Project Standard

Project Start Date/Schedule

Project Startup

Project Status

Project Status Report

Project Strategy

Project Structure

Project Success

Project Success Criteria

Project Success/Failure Criteria

Project Support Office

Project Task Force

Project Team

Project Team Members

Project Teamwork

Project Technical Plan

Project Termination

Project Time Frame

Project Time Management

Project Users

Project Valuation

Project Visibility

Project Vision

Project Vision Statement

Project Web Site

Project/Program Methodology

Project-Based Management


Projectized Organization


Proposal Form

Proposal Project Plan

Proprietary Information

Prorated Cost




Prototype Model

Prototype, software


Provisional Sum







Public Relations

Public Sources

Public Speaking


Published Model [MOF]

Punch List

Punishment of the Innocent


Purchase Order


Purchasing Strategy

Pure Risk