Project Management CertificationThe Project Management Certification has achieved huge recognition in the past few years. The projects which are maintained by certified project managers are more successful than non-certified project mangers. Project management has some specific strategies and principles which will help in making the project successful. These certifications are generally provided by PMI i.e, Project Management Institute located in USA.

PMI is the world’s largest charitable/not-for-profit member ship association for project management profession. It’s main aim is to increase the success rate of organizations by providing certifications on project management. PMI provides eight certifications which are mentioned below:

PMP® : Project Management professional

A PMP Certification course is perfect for the candidates who are interested in leading and directing the projects. PMP® is one of the most prominent certifications provided by PMI.

PMI-ACP : PMI agile certified Practitioner

This course is meant for the project managers who want to implement agile principles to make the project successful in an organization.

CAPM® : Certified Associate in Project Management

This is the entry level of certification for project practitioners. This is meant for those who have less project experience and want to improve their skills further.

PGMP: Project Management Profession

This course is specially meant for those who manages multiple projects simultaneously to accomplish successful projects in a firm.

PFMP : Portfolio Management Professional

This certification recognizes the skill of portfolio managers and provides the ability to manage multiple portfolios to reach the objectives of a firm.

PMI-PBA : Professional in Business Analysis

This course highlights you to gain experience in business field. It will also improve your ability to yield a successful business outcomes.

PMI-RMP : Risk Management Professional

This increases your experience in recognizing the risks an increase opportunities to let the business grow.

PMI-SP : Scheduling Professional

This certification is meant for those who are interested in managing the project schedules in an organization.

As per PMI’s Global Salary Survey for Project Managers, PMP Credential holders earn up to 25% more than non-credentialled Project Managers.

If candidates want to be PMP credential holders they should attend PM trainings to clear the exam. These trainings can be taken in two ways PMP Boot Camp & PMP Speed PREP.

In PMP Boot Camp, 30 day instructor helpline is available which helps the participants to prepare well. Also, if the candidate is not satisfied with the training or the course, money can be refunded (which includes few conditions). Hence, PMP Boot Camp is more beneficial when compared to PMP speed PREP course.

A PMP Credential holder will be able to create an expectation among staff that a project will be completed successfully. Also, they can influence people or staff to get the work done!

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