RationalPlan 4.14 – Increased Collaboration Using Comments on Tasks and Support for Polish Language

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RationalPlan Project Management SoftwareRationalPlan 4.14 offers increased collaboration by adding comments on tasks and automatic email notifications to users. Additionally the desktop products were translated into Polish.

RationalPlan started as an easy to use and straightforward project management software but it evolved into an embedded and powerful system that is now available even as a project management cloud service both for individuals and for companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

Important changes for this version

  • Increased collaboration using comments on tasks and email notifications
  • Translated into Polish language
  • Send assignments by email in .ics format using task UID in order to avoid duplicate events
  • Added support for Vietnamese characters when exporting to MS Project .xml file and .xls file

Adding comments on tasks while managing work within the Cloud is a feature aiming to increase collaboration among users. Instead of using communication solutions like email, phone calls or other external software tools, users will be able to discuss different task related issues directly within RationalPlan by adding comments. Everyone that is interested on a certain task – like the project manager, a responsible or the assigned resources – will get notifications by email whenever a comment is added on that task. (more…)

RationalPlan 4.3 – Project Management Software On Premise Or In The Cloud

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RationalPlan Project Management Software version 4.3 is ready for the public. Current version offers easier printing capabilities, more reports, better integrations with Microsoft Project and last but not least automatic email notifications within the Server system.

RationalPlan is a project management solution that puts the accent on productivity, ease of use and fast learning. It was created to serve many types of users starting from novice project managers, users that need an environment to handle multiple projects and up to companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access. For the latter case RationalPlan Server can be used as an on-premise solution or in the cloud aka SAAS offering.

The On Premise solution requires the customer to download, install and manage upgrades on his own hardware. The price for the system is a one time payment that will vary depending on the number and type of users. Running it in the Cloud has the advantage of not bothering with all the above maintenance problems. There are several tiers available depending on the users needs: Beginner, Master and Production. This type of solution is offered as a monthly payment.

Important changes for this version:

  • More reports: added resource costs distribution report, added resource work distribution report
  • Easier printing capabilities
  • Better MS Project files loading
  • Automatic email notifications on Server