When Ted Stephens, owner of Graymark Construction, purchased RationalPlan software for project management, he was elated at the level of project planning he was able to get for his $90 investment. RationalPlan lets contractors create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate projects’ costs and manage budgets. Stephens said, “It is much easier to use that Adaptec, which I’ve used before, and more feature-rich.

When a change comes up, Stephens can quickly change the work flow to accommodate it. On one project this construction scheduling flexibility saved a week of labor, which Stephens estimates at $2,500.

One drawback is that RationalPlan is not tied in with QuickBooks software with respect to the hourly rates and time, which adds a little more work to setting up projects, Stephens noted.

Overall, Stephens rated RationalPlan a perfect 10 out of 10. This software for project management fits all of Graymark’s needs on projects large and small. As Stephens put it, “We have been able to be more productive, my workers appreciate the direction and timeline, and my customers love being able to see their project end!

Here is the full review for RationalPlan Multi Project.

Tiberiu Ghioca

Tiberiu Ghioca, is a Product Manager at RationalPlan. He is responsible with the effective communication between customers, development team and marketing team.