Chapter 3. Installing and setting up the system

RationalPlan Project Server is distributed as WAR (web application resource) to be deployed into a web server like Apache Tomcat and it requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8 or later. In what follows we shall explain how this deployment process is done in Apache Tomcat. In order to deploy RationalPlan Project Server all you have to do is to deploy RationalPlan.war file.

Here are the steps needed to complete the installation:

1. Install Tomcat

If you already have Tomcat installed you can skip this step. If not then please download the appropriate distribution of Tomcat for your operating system from:

Please follow the installation step and install it on your computer to your desired location. This location shall be referenced as INSTALL_DIR. Make sure that Tomcat was installed correctly and it is running.

NOTE: Mac OS X Server 10.6 and later comes with Tomcat already installed.

NOTE: For Windows depending on the downloaded distribution you might need to declare some system variables like JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME that are needed by Tomcat. For Windows 2000 you can do this by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel and then select System. On the window that appears choose Advanced tab and then Environment Variables.

Here is an extract from the Tomcat .zip distribution documentation:

"Set an environment variable named JRE_HOME to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JRE, e.g. c:\jre1.8.0 or /usr/local/java/jre1.8.0

NOTE: You may also use the full JDK rather than just the JRE. In this case set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to the pathname of the directory into which you installed the JDK, e.g. c:\j2sdk1.8.0 or /usr/local/java/j2sdk1.8.0"

For more details please read Tomcat installation instructions.