5. Connect to RationalPlan Project Server

There are two possibilities to connect to RationalPlan Project Server each of them having its own interface and serving different types of users.

To access the administration interface of the server. You will connect through a web browser by going to this address:


Where SERVER is the name or the IP of the computer where you have installed RationalPlan Project Server. If you are trying to connect from the same computer where RationalPlan Project Server was installed you can also use this address:


To create / view / update your projects. You will use RationalPlan Multi Project (your desktop client).

In case you are running the desktop client from another computer than the one you have installed RationalPlan Project Server you have to first set the server location. For this please start the desktop application and go to menu Settings > Options, select the Server tab and enter the server address as explained above (see the next screen shoot).

After this step you should be able to connect to the server from the desktop application.

If this is the first time you are connecting to RationalPlan Project Server then you can use the following connection data:

Username: admin

Password: admin

You can modify these administrator details or create more users from the web interface.