4. Using RationalPlan through a reverse proxy

NOTE: This section should be followed only if you are using RationalPlan through a reverse proxy. Otherwise you can skip this step.

If you are using RationalPlan through a reverse proxy then you will most likely need to configure the 'external URL' of the server, that means the address the users will type into the browser to access the server (something like http://www.myDomain.com/RationalPlan/).

To do this you will need to set the an environment system property named RationalPlan.baseURL. This configuration is done just once when you first install RationalPlan and it is the recommended one. Based on how you are running Tomcat there are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Running Tomcat as an application started manually

    For this you have to change the setenv.sh (or setenv.bat for Windows) script in the bin/ directory under the INSTALL_DIR by adding RationalPlan.baseURL property. Basically you should add a line that looks like this:

    export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -DRationalPlan.baseURL=http://www.myDomain.com/RationalPlan/" (Unix)

    set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -DRationalPlan.baseURL=http://www.myDomain.com/RationalPlan/ (Windows)

  2. Running Tomcat as a service on Windows

    To run it as a service we are assuming that you used the Windows executable installer when you have installed Tomcat.

    You need to start the Configure Tomcat application. On the Java tab in the window that appears you have to add a line like this in the Java Options area:


Shut down and restart Tomcat in order for the changes to take effect.