RationalPlan – Project Server

Concurrent access for multiple users to company's central projects repository

Project Server provides a centralized management of company's projects while offering concurrent and controlled access for different users.

The system consists of a central server (where projects are stored and accessed from) to be installed at the customer's site/network and multiple clients (which will connect to the server over the Internet/Intranet in order to view or update projects).

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Using this server based architecture project managers get a project management software system with multiple projects and multiple users management capabilities.

Project Server module requires Java 1.6 or higher and needs to be deployed into a Web server (basically it works on any Web server which implements Java Servlet Container but the current version was tested on Apache Tomcat).

The web-based interface is supported on any browser including the four major ones: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. However for the best performance and increased usability experience we recommend to use Firefox.

Main features

Concurrent user project management software

  • Connect multiple users to RationalPlan Project Sever and work on a centralized data repository


  • List resources assignments
  • Update tasks

Users management

  • Create users and assign access rights

Projects repository

  • Load existing RationalPlan Multi Project files
  • Version management system
Review Project Server
Ashish Kalia
SoftPSwitch, Director of Engineering and Development

So far I am really impressed by your product... I love your website and your very logical and concise tutorial and guidelines (within the program). Your application seems to be really well put together. I am Director of Engineering and Development in my company; I am using it to manage both the software development and business development projects of our start-up (and for personal projects). The very logical layout of your app, the fact that I can use it on Linux/Solaris/Unix and Windows is a huge plus (I tend to work 90% in Unix/Linux and sometimes in Windows) and finally, the excellent guidelines and tutorials in your application & website and the very quick & user-friendly print-preview swayed me into buying your product. Best regards and keep-up the good work.