• Beginner
    per month
    Unlimited users
    20 Projects
    700 Tasks
    7 Gb Storage
  • Master
    per month
    Unlimited users
    50 Projects
    2000 Tasks
    15 Gb Storage
  • Production
    per month
    Unlimited users
    Unlimited Projects
    Unlimited Tasks
    20 Gb Storage

Software As A Service Project Management Software

Manage your projects within the browser

RationalPlan Cloud is a software as a service solution for project management needs. It can be used both by individual users and by companies that need concurrent and controlled access for multiple employees.

The service is available through different tiers and is offered on a monthly payment term. Each tier offers a certain set of metrics for users, tasks, projects and storage capacity.

  • Beginer - for small companies with a limited budget and fewer necesities
  • Master - the best price/features ratio and the ideal solution for most companies
  • Production - no functionality restrictions, unlimited tasks and projects, the ideal tool for production environments

RationalPlan Cloud is a flexible solution that provides the basic needs for one individual to manage its projects but at the same time it can be used by companies where multiple users with different access rights can work on the same data.

Any browser is supported including the four major ones: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. However for the best performance and increased usability experience we recommend to use Firefox.

Roger Kouakou
ARC Tecnology, Manager

Je suis le Manager d'un petit bureau d'etude et de realisation basé en Côte d'Ivoire. Je suis très heureux d'utiliser votre logiciel. D'une interface claire, simple mais complet sans fioriture, il est vraiment pratique pour conduire un ensembnle de projets. RationalPlan est de loin meilleur à MS Projet surtout pour son prix. Tous mes encouragements et bonne continuation.