Chapter 4. Planning the project

1. Create Work Breakdown Structure

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a decomposition of a project into smaller components (deliverables) covering the total scope of the project.

Starting with the final project outcome, the major project deliverables have to be identified. Step by step, the deliverables will be decomposed into subdeliverables, until the activities necessary to create them can be defined. To insert a subdeliverable or an activity (task) right-click on the corresponding deliverable and select the Insert subtask command.

The tree structure of deliverables and subdeliverables can be also achieved by listing them one after another, consequently indenting and outdenting them as necessary by using the corresponding icons in the toolbar ( and ) or the commands in the right-click menu.

An usual tree structure looks like this:

If necessary, the elements can be moved up and down on the same level in the tree structure by using and commands. For other situations use Cut (Ctrl+X) and Paste (Ctrl+V) commands.

To attach notes to the WBS elements, the Details window is available (right click on a task, Task details, or select it and click on icon).