3. Project risks

Note the identified project risks and set their impact level and probability to happen.

For the selected risk, think about a plan that will reduce the danger to miss the project's objectives and describe it in the Notes text box. Defining several risk response plans might be a good idea as their basis may change in time and so their effectiveness. Risks that do not require new actions (e.g. if a risk is accepted or mitigated) can be set as closed in the Status column. Sorting the table by Status column allows you to focus your attention on active risks (marked as opened).

To sort the table by any of the columns, click on the column header. The second click on the same column header will reverse the sorting order.

Hint: To quickly get back to a non-sorted table (this allows you to display the risks in the order you entered them), press Shift button and click on the table header area. Notes text box can be hidden/shown by clicking icon.