Chapter 3. Define project scope and risks

1. Project initiation

In the application Guide, Project category, there are a few steps useful for the early project phase.

Click on Info to specify the following information:

  • Project name - by default set on Project1 (is an editable field, so the name can be changed)

  • Project code - if the number of managed projects or company internal procedures leads to such a necessity (e.g. for documents archiving)

  • Project manager - assign a project manager to the current project

  • Client - assign a client to the current project (select an existing client or create a new one by editing directly in the combo box)

  • Estimated start date - if you have a certain date to start the project or just making scenarios (by default is set to the current date)

  • Estimated budget - set an estimated project cost budget; this can be used to see how the projects cost evolves relative to the initial cost

  • Project scope - you can define the project scope in this text box, so it will be quickly available at any time during the project (is an input data for later steps)

Notes&Links step is the place where are stored information related to the project.

Notes are used to remember important details related to the project. When you write a note it might be also necessary to add other information related to it (current number, date, circumstance).

A project involves a lot of information that can be referenced with a link (files, web addresses). Attach relevant descriptions to easily identify the link target.

Assumptions and constraints are important input data in project plan definition.

Assumptions are factors considered to be true for planning purposes and imply a degree of risk (e.g.: if an activity needs a special equipment, the project manager may assume that it will be available).

Constraints are restrictions which limit the project possibilities. A well known example of constraint is the budget. Assumptions and constraints must be taken into consideration in all aspects of the project planning.