3. Insert human and equipment resources

Based on the completed work breakdown structure (deliverables and activities), the resource planning can start by identifying the necessary personnel and equipment.

Fill in the cost rate used for the working hours according to the resource calendar as Standard rate and the cost rate used for the work beyond the regular working hours as Overtime rate.

By default, resources use Company calendar (no settings have to be made). In special cases, for resources having specific working programs (regular program, not just special days), select one of the existing calendars in the Calendar column. If the predefined calendars are not appropriate, make a new one as indicated in Part II, Chapter 1, Define calendars section.

Usually, there are small differences between working programs of the resources that have the same calendar (e.g. days off). Using the Working Time tab in details window, you may personalize the working program for each resource without making a lot of new calendars. Modifications that must affect all resources with the same calendar (e.g. public holidays), have to be made in that specific calendar (Settings menu, Calendar or Define calendars step in Project Guide).

If you have more than one resource of the same type (e.g. 5 equipments of the same type - excavators) you can type "excavator" in the Resource Name column and set Maximum units to 5 to indicate that.

If a resource is allocating to a project (to all projects for Multi Project version) only a fraction of its working program, the Maximum units value will be sub-unitary.