3. Change file name and format

To change the file name and format use File menu, Save as... command.

Available formats are:

  • .xrp (RationalPlan default)

  • .xml (used to exchange projects with Microsoft Project)

RationalPlan can open files created with

  • RationalPlan (.xrp)

  • Microsoft Project (.mpp, .xml, .mpt, .mpx)

Some project data can be also exported in .xls format for further processing from File menu, Export as...

Important: As a conclusion, to exchange data with Microsoft Project, in RationalPlan export file as .xml and import them as .mpp, .xml, .mpt or .mpx.

More than that, it is possible to Copy and Paste data from Microsoft Excel, iWork Numbers and Open Office CALC in RationalPlan files .

For all views, reports can be generated and exported in .pdf format from File menu, Print to PDF..., or Print Preview menu, Print to PDF... button.