2. Open a file or a version from server's repository

To open an existing file do one of the following:

  • Press Open button in Welcome dialog (there is also a button to open the most recently closed file - Open last)

  • from File menu, Open, File... command

  • Click icon in the Main Toolbar.

RationalPlan Multi Project have the possibility to connect to a server and open a version (the latest or an earlier one):

  • Press Latest version from server button in Welcome dialog

  • from File menu, Open, Latest version from server command (loads most recently saved version of the plan by an user connected to server)

  • from File menu, Open, Older version from server... command (loads an older version for viewing and creating "what if" scenarios in a "read-only mode"; to start from a previous version and save modifications open the server's administration interface and revert to that version)