Chapter 6. Roles management

As mentioned in Users management chapter for each user that is created in the system there must be associated a role in order to establish a set of rights. These rights will give access to that user to certain parts of the application and to certain actions.

Each new role will be created starting from a list of predefined roles caled Base roles. These base roles are strongly connected with the type of licenses available in RationalPlan Project Server:

  • Administrator - it does not require a license

  • Global Project Manager - it requires a Project Manager License (or equivalently a RationalPlan Multi Project license)

  • Global Stakeholder - it requires a Stakeholder License

  • Resource - it requires a Resource License

The whole set of rights according to the above base roles is grouped in several categories:

  • Administrative - rights for all the administrative work like managing users, roles, licenses, repository, etc.

  • General - a list of rights that are used in the entire system and for data that belong to the entire company and not just for projects: working calendars, resources, clients, etc.

  • Projects where user is assigned as PM - rights for actions that can be performed only on those projects where a user is assigned as a project manager

  • Projects where user is interested - rights for certain actions that apply only on the projects the user is interested in

  • Other projects - rights for the actions on the rest of projects that do not enter in the above two categories: the ones the user is assigned as a project manager or those where he is interested in

  • Tasks where user is assigned as resource - rights for actions only on those tasks where the users is assigned to work as a resource

In what follows we shall describe in detail each base role and the list of maximal rights associated to it. Some rights will be present in multiple base roles and will have the same or a very similar significance. Also many of the rights have a self-sufficient describing name and for this reason we shall not present a detailed description for it.

1. Administrator

This is the base role for all the administration work. The rights for it are:


  • All admin rights - the right to perform all the administrative work like managing users, roles, licenses, repository, etc.


  • Use web interface - the possibility to use the browser based interface of the server