Chapter 10. Sending assignments to resources

Project manager is able to send emails to resources working in a certain period right from the application by pressing Email assignments to resources button as shown below:

If the settings for the mail server were not made before, you will get the following message:

Even if you didn't make the necessary server settings, press OK to continue with sending emails by using our server, though it's not advisable.

In the Email assignments window you can select the reference period for the assignments and the resources that will get emails. Even if a resource doesn't have any work in selected period, it is still possible to get a mail by checking Show all resources and the corresponding resource checkbox.

Attention: Changes in the email addresses will overwrite those defined in Resource View, Details window, Details tab.

Here is also an Email template textfield for email template customization. The customization made here is applicable only for emails sent this time! To make permanent changes in template you should modify it from Settings menu, Options, Email tab as explained in the previous chapter.