2. Printed information

To scale the information in pages, use the button of the combo box labeled Scale to: and select a zoom percent or type directly in its editable field. The number of pages will be modified accordingly. A Fit to page check box is also available in case the information have to be adjusted to one page dimension.

The next button , if activated, helps to view header on all pages.

A part of the schedule can be printed between From: and To: dates.

Hint: To select the columns to be printed close Print preview and customize table by adding or removing columns as necessary (see section Tables settings). To print only Gantt Table or only Gantt Chart show/hide corresponding pane as indicated in section 3.2, Active Window paragraph.

Page Setup button will open a new window with common settings for paper and printer.

The next button is for printing action.

is used to save the previewed report as a .pdf file.

Close button will end the Print Preview dialog window and return to the current application view.