3. Changing tasks completion value

Now it's time to update the schedule with the information about the tasks completion in terms of duration or work.

In the simplest case, when the project evolves as planned, the completion can be updated by clicking on the Update completion () command in the View Toolbar. In the next window select whether the completion will affect only selected tasks or the entire project, and the date for completion (current date by default). The completion values will be calculated automatically.

If a completion value is related to a status date (date corresponding to the completion value), fill in the corresponding column (% complete for duration and % work complete for work) with the value given to you by the people responsible with the project execution. The completed part of the task is highlighted in the Gantt graph with a black line. If necessary, you can move the task so the end date of the completed part to correspond with the status date of the completion.

Hint: To increase the accuracy it might be necessary to change into another scale with smaller bottom units and make the adjustments because the task movement is possible only by entire units.

The % complete value for a task can be also modified in the Gantt graph by moving the mouse cursor in the left side of the uncompleted part of the task until the cursor appear and dragging on the right side to increase, or the left side to decrease it.

By changing either % complete or % work complete, the other parameter will be calculated automatically.