Chapter 9. Resource assignments

With RationalPlan Project Server the users that only have the Resource role can have access to their list of assignments directly from the browser web based interface.

Once logged into the system the list of assignment can be easily seen as in the next screen shoot:

Each resource can now stay up to date with all the work he has to perform in the company's projects. He can see all the assignments or he can filter the assignments using multiple filters like:

  • This week - will display all assignments from the current week starting with the current date

  • In progress - all assignments that are still pending or more exactly those assignments whose percent completion is not 100%

  • Deadlines - all assignments that have a deadline date specified; they are displayed with yellow color

  • Late tasks - the assignments that are late or more exactly those assignments whose completion date is behind of the current date; they are displayed in red to signal that the work on those tasks is behind the schedule and something must be done

  • Custom date filter - the user will have the possibility to select a time interval to filter assignments

  • Start between - select all task that start between a given a time interval

  • End between - select all task that finish between a given a time interval

The interface is even more powerful allowing users to resize columns, change columns order, create sorting operations and to group assignments by different criteria:

Once the filters and sorting are established the resource can also print them as a report and discuss them with the other team members or with the project manager.

Another function that can be performed by the resource is to update the percent completion of a task. This way the project completion progresses and the project manager delegates this responsibility to each resource and its only role is to supervise the correct execution of the initial plan.