Today I had the chance to read a very short and awesome post written by Oliver Widder on his Geek & Poke website. Here it is:

Although the example is given for Microsoft Project it does not matter what project management software you use. The idea is the same. Who is using who? Are you using the tool or are you being used by the tool?

Many project managers believe that by using a project management tool it is enough to achieve the project success. That is wrong! The most important thing is to know what you are doing. A very powerful project management software is not more helpful than any other weaker solution unless the project manager knows what he has to do.

Conclusion: In project management the tools do not guaranty the success of a project. They are rather something that help the project manager.

Tiberiu Ghioca

Tiberiu Ghioca, is a Product Manager at RationalPlan. He is responsible with the effective communication between customers, development team and marketing team.