• On Premise
    Install RationalPlan Server on your hardware within your company with a one time payment. Data will reside on the company side.

  • Cloud
    No need to install or manage upgrades. All you need is to create an account with a monthly payment. Data will reside within our secure cloud.

Web-based Project Management Software

Manage your projects from any place

RationalPlan Server provides a solution to manage projects from any location directly from the browser. It can be used both by individual users and by companies that need concurrent and controlled access for multiple employees.

The product is available in two flavours:

  • On Premise - our product will be installed on the company's hardware; this solution is not recommended for individual users
  • Cloud - users just create an account on our secure servers aka Software As A Service (SAAS)

RationalPlan Server is a scalable solution that provides the basic needs for one individual to manage its projects but at the same time it can be configured to work with multiple users with different access rights.

Any browser is supported including the four major ones: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. However for the best performance and increased usability experience we recommend to use Firefox.

Review Project Server

I've used RationalPlan for a while and I must say it's very promising. Thank you for this superb product.