RationalPlan – Project Viewer

View in a dynamic way the content of any project – free

Usually project managers plan and control the projects from start to end and make the necessary changes. However, there are some other people (like project stakeholders) that have to check and overview the projects' evolution into their smallest detail. In this aim we developed a Project Viewer that can be freely distributed.

Major features

  • connects to RationalPlan Project Server
  • it opens files created either with Single Project or Multi Project version
  • all original views and data are available
  • export to other formats and printing are active
  • view/hide critical path command is enabled
  • open MS Project files (*.mpp, *.mpx, *.xml) so you can view them for free
  • last but not least you can have an unlimited number of free installations
Free Download
Franz Schindlecker

I'm using your software since about one year and I can say it is really easy-to-use and fits almost all my needs (multi project). I'm in the business of management consulting and for that I'm introducing the software to some of my customers and most of the time they are also quite happy with RationalPlan. I tried a lot of different competing software and own some other project planning software like MS Project, A-Plan and others but I can say the building up of projects and to control the capacity and the ease-of-use is really much better with your software.



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