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Basic features

Single Multi Server
Assumptions and constraints x x x
Risks x x x
Working calendars x x x

Task management

Single Multi Server
Task types x x x
Constraints x x x
Deadlines x x x
Split tasks x x x
Recurrent tasks x x x
Fixed costs x x x

Project management

Single Multi Server
Milestones x x x
Beselines x x x
Workflow x x x
Critical path x x x
Task tracking x x x
Timephased cost distribution x x x
Timephased work distribution x x x
Work Breakdown Structures x x x
Gantt charts x x x
Earned Value Management x x x

Resource management

Single Multi Server
Human resources x x x
Material resources x x x
Cost resources x x x
Assign resources x x x
Standard/Overtime rates x x x
Special working time x x x
Timephased cost distribution x x x
Timephased work distribution x x x
Workload x x x
Overallocation x x x
Overtime work x x x
Availability x x x
Leveling x x x


Single Multi Server
Easy to use x x x
Embeded project guide x x x
Reports x x x
Export to Excel x x x
Email notifications x x x
Filters x x x
Documents x x x
Zoom in/out x x x
Microsoft Project integration x x x
Google Drive integration x x
Dropbox integration x x
SkyDrive integration x x

Portfolio management

Multi Server
Inter-projects dependencies x x
Sub-projects x x
Shared resources x x
Budgets x x

Clients management

Multi Server
Contacts x x
Main contact x x
Project's client x x

Server management

Projects repository x
Multiple users x
Concurrent changes x
Rights per user x
Restore points x
Web-based access x

Note: Educational version for Single and Multi can be purchased and used only by students, educational institutions and non-profit organizations and has the same features as Regular version. Governmental Departments and agencies are not eligible for educational versions.

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Here you can download RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac(.dmg), Windows(.exe) or Linux(.zip).

What you will get...


RationalPlan Single, Multi and the On Premise version of the Server are licensed with a one time payment. Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains a license key.
The Cloud version of the Server is licensed on a monthly subscription.

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Ashish Kalia
SoftPSwitch, Director of Engineering and Development

So far I am really impressed by your product... I love your website and your very logical and concise tutorial and guidelines (within the program). Your application seems to be really well put together. I am Director of Engineering and Development in my company; I am using it to manage both the software development and business development projects of our start-up (and for personal projects). The very logical layout of your app, the fact that I can use it on Linux/Solaris/Unix and Windows is a huge plus (I tend to work 90% in Unix/Linux and sometimes in Windows) and finally, the excellent guidelines and tutorials in your application & website and the very quick & user-friendly print-preview swayed me into buying your product. Best regards and keep-up the good work.