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Postby Adz » Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:33 pm

Thanks for the update - apologies for causing a stir :oops:

Just to fan the flames further then - for me the software you provide is a truly excellent and cost effective replacement to MS-Project. I appreciate that software development (or at least the supporting documentation) should generally account for the lowest common denominator. And I fully understand the gnashing of teeth this sort of thing generates; my background is as an old hand IT project manager (from a development background), who is now a application development manager (for the last 3 years). The thing is, sometimes the lowest common denominator approach is counter-productive. For me, if someone is either too stupid to understand / figure out how to do something as fundamental as indenting / outdenting tasks, or too lazy to read the documentation, then changes that affect that area will have no bearing on that sort of user. In other words they are no worse off; and they still be stupid or un-informed. And my suggestion does take into account the lowest common denominator by allowing the option to be switchable, yet defaulting to keeping things as is.

The flip-side is that people who understand this stuff and / or use your software fully are able to make that reasoned choice. You will never be able to fully account for stupidity (no matter how you try), but you shouldn't punish your serious core users for the stupidity of others :D

Also, putting this in perspective, this is a simple request (that is, the request is simple, not the development change), insofar that this is not a core design change. It is a nice-to-have for some of your users. In MS-Project it is the same but in reverse - this behaviour is there by default, and there is no way of changing that behaviour (not that I've looked hard as it is my preferred mode). And any software that starts to annoy you soon stops being the software you want to use (you start looking around for alternatives). And assuming you are looking to hoover up disenfranchised MS-Project users, when they trial your software it will feel like software they are used too

Ok - I'll shut up now and let you folks get on with the debating.........

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