Support For Working With Subprojects In RationalPlan Project

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Support For Working With Subprojects In RationalPlan Project

Postby tiberiu » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:45 pm

RationalPlan version 3.26 was just launched with support for working with subprojects. Besides this feature, useful for big projects, other changes were added like improved printing customization, other types of task scheduling and much more.

RationalPlan is a project management software created to serve many types of users starting from novice project managers, users that need an environment to handle multiple projects and up to companies that need a server solution with concurrent access. It has been developed to help project managers keep their projects on time and within budget.

Important changes added to this version:
  • possibility to work with subprojects
  • dependency driven duration type scheduling
  • customizable header and footer for printing
  • added date range for Task deadline filter
  • more data added to the web interface of the Server
Certain companies often need to manage large projects. This kind of projects however are to big to be handled as a whole and must be decomposed in several smaller parts. And each part is treated as a project with its own assigned project manager and its own budget and time constraints. However all these projects are related and are actually subprojects of a master project. This necessity is now covered by RationalPlan Multi and users will have the possibility to work with master projects and subprojects. Of course resources can be shared between project so that overallocations and overtime costs to be detected and correctly computed.

Read the full press release.
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Re: Support For Working With Subprojects In RationalPlan Pro

Postby alexhoston808 » Thu May 17, 2012 12:47 pm

Good to know about this RationalPlan version 3.26 and the changes of the version.
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