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MOOS Project Viewer 2.9 Integrates With Dropbox Platform

The team behind MOOS Project Viewer just released version 2.9. This version comes with a new feature: integration with Dropbox. Users can now also open Microsoft Project files that are stored on a Dropbox account and not just local files from their computers. The biggest advantage of using a cloud storage service is that the [...]

MOOS Project Viewer 2.7 Added Team Planner View

MOOS Project Viewer version 2.7 added a new view from Microsoft® Project – the Team Planner view. Project managers struggle with seeing clearly and quickly what their team is doing at any given point in the project schedule. Using Team Planner view in Microsoft® Project Professional 2010 you can see at a glance what tasks [...]

MOOS Project Viewer 2.4 – A New Microsoft Project Viewer Version Available

Stand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of MOOS Project Viewer in French language. Besides this major change some other features were added like support for estimated task durations, more columns for tasks and support for MS Project 2007 .mpp files that were obtained by converting them from Microsoft Project 2010. Here are [...]

View .mpp Files Exactly As They Are In Microsoft Project

Version 2.3 of MOOS Project Viewer is able to display views as they were saved in MS Project. This way users will be able to see the tables as they appear in Microsoft Project. The same column order, width, and custom name will be used making it easier to watch to the projects’ data. Even [...]

MOOS Project Viewer A Microsoft Project Viewer Is Available In Italian Language

Starting with version 2.2 MOOS Project Viewer is also available in Italian language. Plus a new important feature was added so that users can now filter tasks by various criteria and get better presentation results. MOOS Project Viewer is a cost saving solution for project stakeholders to view project details in a dynamic way and [...]