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iReports trick for page numbering including last page

When designing some reports which were expanding on multiple pages the need of numbering the pages occured.  The first thing to do was to search the internet and see how others managed this problem. The first idea that popped out was to use the Page X of Y tool from iReports located in the Palette view. [...]

JasperReports tutorial for JAVA using JasperViewer to preview reports

JasperViewer it is a very useful component which allows you to preview the reports from your application before saving them  as documents. It also offers additional  functionality like printing the reports, saving them with different extensions (ODT, HTML, DOC, PDF and others), navigating through out the report’s pages and zooming in or out.  This was [...]

JasperReports and iReports tutorial for JAVA using subreports with different datasources

Here at RationalPlan we are working on a way to generate reports. We chose JasperReports for Java and iReports as the graphical interface for a visual creation of the report layout. It is a daunting task because there are no tutorials which describe in detail how to create a master report with many subreports each  [...]