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Want to get project disciplines into your organization fast? Here’s how

Introducing Project Disciplines is hard work Lots of companies find introducing project disciplines slow, difficult and not very exciting.  Staff often show resistance and it can be hard to get buy in and commitment at executive level where other stuff is seen as more important or pressing. Well here’s some good news.  The best way [...]

15 Best Practices for Project Schedule Management

Success through Proper Project Schedule Management A few years ago I used to work with a Project Manager. He was very particular about the weekly schedule tracking meetings. He would nag everyone and ask all sorts of questions. He would pester each of his team members for minutest of the details. He would closely monitor [...]

9 Benefits of Tracking Project Schedule

Are you Tracking Project Schedule Regularly? There can be only 2 answers to the above question. Yes and No. I am appalled when I hear PMs say No to the above question. I hear all sorts of myriad funny reasons for not tracking Project Schedule. Here are some of them: Why should I track Project [...]

The Portrait of a Project Manager

You study to become a project manager, accrue experience as you lead project after project, update your management skills by attending workshops, exercise leadership each day, and learn from your mentors. But have you wondered what personality traits you need to become an effective project manager or, ideally, a leader? Find out which personality traits [...]

Why is it Important to Become a PM Credential Holder?

The Project Management Certification has achieved huge recognition in the past few years. The projects which are maintained by certified project managers are more successful than non-certified project mangers. Project management has some specific strategies and principles which will help in making the project successful. These certifications are generally provided by PMI i.e, Project Management [...]

How Does RationalPlan Position Against its Competitors?

While publishing our products over a specialized reviews directory we were asked: “How do you position yourself against your competitors?“. To summarize it the answer would be: “RationalPlan puts the accent on productivity and tries to be as easy to use as possible: straightforward and intuitive“. The Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule) Compared to other [...]

Brainstorming – Trendy or Not?

It’s popular. It’s a classic. Those who endorse it say it’s an effective technique for generating many ideas but not a standalone method, so it should be used with other creative techniques. Those who criticize it say it generates mediocre ideas that are likely never implemented as solutions to problems. But this 60-year old technique [...]

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – Pro — Pv

Program Definition Statement (“PDS”) Program Director Program Directorate Program Evaluation and Review Technique (“PERT”) Program Execution Phase Program Executive Program Identification Phase Program Management Program Management Office Program Manager

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – Pa — Pro

PA Package PAR Parameter Parameters Parametric Cost Estimating Parametric Estimating Parent Activity Parent, in scheduling Pareto Diagram

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – Z

Zero Based Budgeting Zero Dollar Contract Zero Float