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From To Do Lists to Managing Projects – The Path From Personal to Professional Management

Personal life is a good place to start testing the managing skills and also to improve them. Once someone gets to the point when he thinks he is the master of his day by day life he can start extending his skills on his professional life. No one was born an expert. We all start [...]

Is RationalPlan Supported On Mac OS X Mavericks?

Starting with Mac OS X Mountain Lion the Gatekeeper was introduced that by default does not allow users to run applications downloaded outside of the App Store. In this situation are also the RationalPlan users that are downloading our products directly from our website. Now since Mavericks is a free upgrade from Mountain Lion the [...]

How Important is Domain Knowledge for the Project Manager?

Being able to communicate effectively, manage people, quickly solve problems, or be organized are essential skills for any good project manager. Being a leader is even better. Knowing how to employ project management tools and techniques is key. But having domain knowledge, or a broad understanding of what the project is creating, is not usually [...]

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – E

EAC Earliest Feasible Date Earliest Finish Earliest Finish Time Earliest Start Earliest Start Time Early Dates Early Finish Early Finish Date Early Start Early Start Date Early Start Time Early Warning System Earned Hours Earned Value (EV) Earned Value Analysis Earned Value Cost Control Earned Value Management Earned Value Management System (“EVMS”)