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Scrum – Quick and Easy

Scrum is an agile project movement process. Agile project management, as opposed to traditional project management, is an iterative approach, suitable for projects where there is a high level of uncertainty. The project progresses in iterations, the team works closely with the customer to define the deliverables of each iteration, and the entire project team [...]

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – C

C/SCSC C/SSR CA CAD Calculate Schedule Calendar File Calendar Range Calendar Start Date Calendar Unit Calendar, Software Calibration CAM CAP Capability Capability Maturity Model (“CMM”)

Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage and Project Management Software

The demand for distributed data and services is increasing as big companies are more and more spread across the world. Smaller companies are also starting to use distributed systems once the prices have lowered due to the increase of such offerings. As many other domains project management is also embracing this new wave. Cloud services are [...]

How to Deal with a Lazy Team Member

Working with people is almost never a simple matter, but it can become even more complicated when the project manager has to deal with a lazy team member. In many cases, dismissing the person from the team is not a possible or acceptable solution. As the project manager, you have to find other ways to [...]

How to Manage Late And Not Ready Deliveries

Do you manage late and unfinished projects this way? Make sure you deliver your projects on time, within budget and as expected and your customer will be a happy and loyal customer.