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What to Do when the Customer is Delaying Your Project

Contrary to the popular belief, the customer is not always right. In fact, sometimes the customer may be the one delaying the project by not giving the approval of a completed phase when required, by not communicating effectively, by missing deadlines for the review of the deliverables – shortly, by being aloof to the project. [...]

Project Management Glossary Of Terms – A

Abstract Resource Abstraction Acceleration Acceptability Criteria Acceptable Quality Level (“AQL”) Acceptance Approval (of results) Acceptance Criteria Acceptance Letters Acceptance Number Acceptance Review Acceptance Test Acceptance Test Procedure (“ATP”)

Project Management Glossary Of Terms

On this page you will find a glossary of project management terms and acronyms that are being used by project managers and not only in the project management domain. The list was created using various sources including the PMBOK specifications from PMI. A good understanding of these concepts and definitions will increase the chances for [...]

How To Convince People To Start Using Project Management Software

Educated management can start from childhood or at older ages. Earlier is the best. And management can apply to many things: money, work, time etc. Certain kids might have been forced by circumstances to start managing their allowance. This can be a big advantage for them as grown-ups when it comes to finance management. But [...]