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RationalPlan Project Management Software 4.2 – Increased Productivity And Ubuntu Adoption

Project management software provider RationalPlan just released their latest version 4.2. Current version offers increased productivity for managers by reducing the time needed to handle resource allocations. At the same time the company decided it is the right moment to expand on Ubuntu market. Hence the application now offers native integration with Ubuntu operating system. [...]

The Monkey Manager

One day a man enters a pet shop. And while looking for a pet for his son he notices a young monkey for sale at $10.000. Intrigued by the price he asks the seller: – Why do you have such a big price for this monkey? – Well… He knows how to work with a [...]

Clients And Access Rights to Project Management Software

Every project either small or big has its stakeholders. The way the communication between them is done can keep relations on a happy note or can put some hurdle between them. The second situation might influence both the current project and the future ones in a negative way and should be avoided. Examples of project [...]