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Project Management Terms – Project

A Project is a temporary set of actions which aim to create a unique, final deliverable. This concise project definition reveals the major differences between characteristics of projects and operations: Is temporary which means that is subject to change at a certain moment. In fact since it might change at any moment in time makes [...]

Is RationalPlan Supported On Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

In the recently released Mac OS X Mountain Lion the Gatekeeper was introduced that by default does not allow users to run applications downloaded outside of the App Store. In this situation are also the RationalPlan users that are downloading our products directly from our website. So if you find yourself a Mountain Lion user [...]

Project Management Terms – Critical Path

Critical Path is the sequence of activities for which the slightest delay will influence the end of the project. The critical path of a project may change in time according to the new changes of the project schedule. In a project there can be several critical paths. Tasks that compose the critical path are called [...]

Project Management Terms – Assumptions

Assumptions are factors considered to be true in the planning phase. As they are not certitudes, a certain degree of risk is involved. In fact, in Risk Identification process as part of the Project Risk Management, assumptions analysis takes an important role. Also, in Qualitative Risk Analysis, assumptions are important input data. Examples of assumptions: [...]