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Project Management Terms – Task Contraints

Constraint, Task constraint is a generic term used for factors that are affecting the start and finish date of an activity. Project constraints generally apply for things like the scope, budget, schedule of the project while task constraints, on the other hand, are restrictions that are imposed on tasks to start or finish on a [...]

Project Management Terms – Project Constraints

Constraints, Project constraints are restrictions that affect the project by imposing limitations on costs, resources or project schedule. For example, a predefined budget is a constraint that may limit staffing and schedule options. Through the imposed limitations constraints are important data input for the Scope Definition and Planning as part of the Project Scope Management. [...]

Project management is a difficult but thankless job

For a thankless job the success is not that noticeable while the failure is very obvious and with strong impact. Applying this in project management it results that in the case of success there is little evidence that the manager had any merits while in case of failure the manager gets all the blame. This [...]

RationalPlan 4.0 – A Brand New Design

The developers from Stand By Soft are pleased to announce the release of a major version for the project management suite RationalPlan. Version 4.0 comes with a new design, a modern look and a more pleasant color scheme for the eye. This is a major turn around as the company decided to focus on three [...]