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MOOS Project Viewer 2.4 – A New Microsoft Project Viewer Version Available

Stand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of MOOS Project Viewer in French language. Besides this major change some other features were added like support for estimated task durations, more columns for tasks and support for MS Project 2007 .mpp files that were obtained by converting them from Microsoft Project 2010. Here are [...]

Project Management Glossary Of Terms-W

Wage Waiver Walk-through War Room Warranty Watch List Waterfall Waterfall Model WBS WBS Coding WBS Dictionary Web Server Web Site Weighting Well Managed Project Wet and Dry Test Runs What Market Will Bear What You See Is What You Get (“WYSIWYG”) What-If Analysis What-if Simulation Whole Life Costing Whole Product Win-Win Withdrawal Withdrawal, in negotiating [...]