• Project Viewer
    The free Project Viewer
    is the perfect solution for displaying the project details in a dynamic manner. See the end of static reports!

  • Single Project
    Have most of the Microsoft Project functionality at just a fraction of its cost. Single Project offers the basic tools you need.

  • Multi Project
    Multi Project is an effective portfolio management. Gain maximum benefit for shared resources or dependencies for tasks across projects.
  • Project Server
    With Project Server you have full accessibility to your projects anytime, anywhere.

Our products

We have designed several project management products to reach various practical needs.
With RationalPlan Single Project you can schedule and track unrelated projects individually and it is a viable alternative to Microsoft Project.

RationalPlan Multi Project allows you to manage multiple projects at once, projects that can share common resources and/or have dependencies between their tasks.

You should opt in for the Multi Project version if you want to keep in one hand projects with shared resources or dependencies between tasks that don't belong to the same project. If your projects are completely independent - no shared resources, no interdependencies - the Single Project version is the right choice.

By using the Multi version together with the RationalPlan Project Server you can obtain a central repository for your company's projects, while benefiting from concurrent/controlled access for your users. RationalPlan Project Server is the central repository module which will provide concurrent/controlled access for different users. You will need this module if you want to have all your company's projects stored to a central place and you need concurrent access to your projects. Here is a short tutorial for RationalPlan Project Server.

We have also developed RationalPlan Project Viewer based on the fact that many of the people involved don't need or shouldn't change the schedule related data, but they have to see more than just some reports. However, with the viewer they still have the possibility to export data or generate and print the reports.

More details regarding our products can be found through users reviews on TrustRadius.

Marko Erdnuess
Certified translator

I am impressed with your quick and extraordinarily competent reaction to my comments about the RationalPlan software. Together with its beautiful overall usability and simplicity compared to some other programs I have tried, this makes me feel that RationalPlan may indeed be just the tool I have been looking for. Thank you very much!